Need soothing words to cope with Donald Trump this election cycle? Just check out Ivanka’s Instagram account.

Anyone who knows Ivanka Trump will tell you: She walks a fine line between loyalty and independence when it comes to her father. The 34-year-old businesswoman and former model shoulders the burden of protecting the family brand amid Donald Trump’s contentious campaign for president. And as our colleague Mary Jordan recently wrote, Ivanka Trump “has hired public-relations experts to field her calls and try to spread the word that she is focused on her family and business — not politics” in the polarized environment of 2016.

Nowhere is this tricky balance more apparent for Trump than her main social-media presence on Instagram. Her account — a carefully curated family photo album and promotional vehicle for her work — regularly lures thousands of responses from people who seem to have nothing to do with “Making America Great Again.” And, as if to underscore her desire for distance from the White House race, Ivanka Trump has posted only a handful of shots of The Donald since the campaign began.

Sometimes, Ivanka’s Instagram posts read like an unintentional rebuke of the chaos her father attracts. Take this example from Wednesday, the day after her dad’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with battery for grabbing Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields:

Like most of Ivanka’s posts, it appears to be aimed at a certain type of working woman (check the #WomenWhoWork hashtag) looking for lifestyle inspiration and pointers about balancing family and career. It’s the polar opposite of Donald Trump’s infamous Twitter account, where he’s made a habit of courting controversy and going after female reporters.

Ivanka’s account promotes certain positive-thinking truisms that can also read like a rebuke to the 2016 campaign:

These posts garner positive feedback from Ivanka’s female followers, a group that — judging by the polls — probably has an unfavorable view of her father as a politician.

One family, two approaches to social media.

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