MAKE BUBBLES GREAT AGAIN: “Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday warned that a dangerous financial bubble has formed in the technology industry – and Silicon Valley responded with a collective eye roll,” Reuters reports. “In a Reuters interview, the New York billionaire said technology start-ups that had never earned a profit were able to sell shares at very high prices, likening the situation to the overheated stock market in 2007 … ‘FINALLY someone calls it out,’ Marc Andreessen, a general partner at the prominent venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, tweeted, mocking Trump.” Read more here.

TWITTER, GET READY: “The pro-Hillary Clinton super PAC is gearing up a massive digital ad campaign to begin attacking Trump,” Recode reports. “Priorities USA Action plans to spend $35 million on digital ads to appear in six battleground states as soon as primary voting ends on June 7. The super PAC will use Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms to reach women, Latinos, blacks and millennials with ads that cast the presumptive Republican presidential nominee as dangerous and deceptive.” Read more here.

BUILD IT HERE: “Donald Trump has promised that ‘we’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries.’ He said this at a speech at Virginia’s Liberty University and several other events. It is very likely that he is not serious; Trump tends to say things he couldn’t possibly mean. But he did raise an intriguing question about whether Apple — and other American companies — could bring manufacturing back to the United States,” our colleague Vivek Wadhwa writes. “The hurdle in relocating manufacturing for any company such as Apple is the tie to the chain of suppliers of its products’ electronics components. The key question therefore is: how dependent is Apple on its China supply chain?” Read more here.