It might be short-lived, but the #FrenchRevolution is taking shape on Twitter.

Overnight, that hashtag has become home for commentary favoring David French, the conservative writer and Iraq war veteran who is conservatives’ latest last best hope for someone to challenge Donald Trump as an independent candidate.

Mounting a bid at this stage would be difficult, and French has not said he will try. But the release of his name made a splash on political Twitter, where the conversation trended and evolved along familiar lines. Take a look at the chatter progression below.

There was this tweet from Mitt Romney — a sign French’s candidacy could be taken seriously among #NeverTrump elites:

Approval from the conservative commentariat, including French’s colleagues at National Review:

Buy-in from the Stop Trump PAC:

The “who??” tweets — including from Trump’s social media manager:

The “French” jokes:

The backlash against French:

The backlash against Bill Kristol, who floated his name:

The backlash against the backlash:

The backlash against the backlash against the backlash:

The it-won’t-be-easy tweets:

And to close it out, a response from French himself: