An employee works with a customer at a Huawei store in Beijing on March 24, 2014. (Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images)

HAND IT OVER: “The United States Commerce Department is demanding that [Huawei Technologies], based in the south China city of Shenzhen, turn over all information regarding the export or re-export of American technology to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria,” the New York Times reports. “The subpoena is part of an investigation into whether Huawei broke United States export controls. Sent to Huawei’s American headquarters in the Dallas suburb of Plano, the subpoena called for Huawei to turn over information related to shipments to those countries over the past five years.” Read more here.

ALMOST FINISHED: “The European Union and the United States on Thursday signed a deal to protect personal data transferred across the Atlantic in a bid to fight crime and terrorism,” AFP reports. “The so-called umbrella agreement signed in the Dutch city of Amsterdam follows five years of talks hobbled by European concerns about revelations of large-scale US snooping … The European parliament must still give its consent to the agreement which was signed after the United States adopted in February a prerequisite law granting EU citizens the right to judicial redress in the US.” Read more here.

IF ZUCKERBERG LEAVES: “Facebook Inc’s board has proposed removing Mark Zuckerberg’s majority voting control in the event of the social media giant’s chief executive and founder deciding to exit management at some point in future,” Reuters reports. “In a proxy filing on Thursday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Facebook’s board said it will ask shareholders to vote on a proposal that would convert Zuckerberg’s Class B shares into Class A shares if he is no longer in a leadership position. … The proposed move — to be voted on at Facebook’s annual general meeting on June 20 — is designed to make sure a future Facebook chief’s management powers aren’t limited, the board said.” Read more here.