UPPING THE PRESSURE: “Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said  Monday that, if elected, she would pressure U.S. technology companies to help intelligence agencies disrupt violent plots after a gunman inspired by radical Islamist groups killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub,” Reuters reports. “In a speech in Cleveland, she articulated plans for expanded online surveillance of potential extremist attackers.” Read more here.

WIN FOR PATENT HOLDERS: “The Supreme Court on Monday made it easier for patent holders to win larger financial damages in court from copycats who use their inventions without permission,” the Wall Street Journal reports. “The high court, in a unanimous opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts, overturned a specialized appellate court that had adopted a hard-to-meet legal standard for winning punitive damages, even in cases where the defendant’s patent infringement was willful.” Read more here.

FIGHTING ISIS WITH PORN: “For the past two months, and with increased fervor after an ISIS supporter attacked an Orlando gay night club over the weekend, Wauchula Ghost, a member of the hacking clan ‘Anonymous,’ has compromised hundreds of Twitter accounts of Islamic State supporters and flooded them with pornography,” The Post reports. “Instead of messages supporting the self-described caliphate or encouraging violence, some 160 accounts hacked by the Ghost have tweeted photos of nude women. Some users’ avatars now read ‘I [heart] porn.’ ” Read more here.