Turns out Donald Trump’s campaign logo isn’t the only design error Republicans have to fix this week.

As the Republican National Convention gets underway in Cleveland, Twitter users are discovering a series of signs in and around the convention center designating certain facilities as “white.”

The most common offenders were signs directing delegates to “white elevators,” as first noticed by the Wall Street Journal’s Byron Tau:

The signs are meant to help delegates navigate the complex by color-coding certain routes, and according to convention spokeswoman Audrey Scagnelli, they will remain in place. That doesn’t mean Twitter users have stopped posting photos, though:

The committee did explain its awkward word choice — kind of.

“The RNC event management team selected our national colors of Red, White and Blue to be utilized for their new directional signage system installed for the RNC,” said a statement from the convention’s Committee on Arrangements.

“The RNC has identified elevators and stairways in the arena by using the patriotic colors of Red, White and Blue.”

The arena was not the only place where visitors spotted the signage. At a nearby Cleveland parking lot, operators posted a sign stating “white permits only”:


The “white elevators” signs are stirring controversy given Trump’s critical statements aimed at Latinos and women, among other minorities.

The GOP is also in the middle of a separate dust-up over this photo from Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) showing the 2016 House Republican intern class, which is almost 100-percent white:

We’ll keep our eyes open for more examples of awkwardly phrased signage in Cleveland as the week goes on. In the meantime, here’s another examples gaining attention online: