It doesn’t take much to fit in at a political convention. Pick something red or blue, display your pass and you’re all set.

But for the adventurous, conventions mean opportunities to wear bold — and sometimes bizarre — politically themed outfits that would raise eyebrows any other week of the year. Got a custom-made Donald Trump cape? A bedazzled red, white and blue hat? Some Trump-themed socks, complete with comb over? These choices are all welcome in Cleveland, where the Republican convention is entering its third day.

Thanks to social media, these outfits (and more) are getting all the wider attention their creativity deserves.

So here’s a round-up of some of the best, starting with the Trump-themed pieces:

The flag suits:

The patriotic shoes:

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Serious "shoe game" at the #gopconvention

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The creative T-shirts:

And, of course, the ex-president costumes: