If you follow political news, you know the 2016 election feels at times like satire.

But that hasn’t stopped humor publications like The Onion from lampooning the current cast of political characters. And as you might have noticed, The Onion is paying special attention to the two men vying to become the next vice president.

Let’s back up. One of the reason the choice between Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) matters — at least from a satire perspective — is whoever wins has big shoes to fill. Since 2008, The Onion has enjoyed spoofing America’s “Uncle Joe,” Joe Biden, imagining him showing up at the inauguration with a ponytail, bringing a recliner off the curb into the White House, or losing control of a butterfly knife during a commencement speech.

More recently, Biden has become a presence on The Onion’s Instagram feed. Check out two examples below:

Biden Lines Up Sweet Summer Gig Installing Above-Ground Swimming Pools #TheOnion

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With this history in mind, it’s no wonder Onion writers are trying out the two current VP hopefuls. Here’s how they’ve covered Pence since he became Donald Trump’s running mate:

In the last 10 days, they did two posts on Kaine:

Giddy Tim Kaine Presses Face Against Campaign Bus Window As Horse Trailer Drives By #TheOnion

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Tim Kaine Found Riding Conveyor Belt During Factory Campaign Stop #TheOnion

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Which seems like the more natural heir to the goofy Biden legacy? It’s clear The Onion thinks it is Kaine.

Check out more political and other satire at the publication’s Instagram feed.