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Inside Smithsonian’s African American History Museum with Tim Scott

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The Smithsonian’s new African-American history museum doesn’t open for another 10 days, and even then, you’ll probably have to wait until November to get in.

Luckily, a handful of visitors have been providing a glimpse inside on Instagram.

One of those people is Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.), who visited the museum on the National Mall Wednesday morning and posted photos.

As the Smithsonian puts the final touches on interior of the building, Scott captured a particularly moving image of one exhibit: a slave cabin from Edisto Island, S.C., that was taken apart and reassembled inside the museum.

Check out his photos below, and read further for more details on how to access the museum:

Below are a few more photos from social media provided by Scott’s staff:

As discussed above, here’s the deal with entry tickets.

The museum implemented a timed-entry pass system to cope with the enormous interest from visitors. You can book the passes, which are free, online right here. There are six available per order.

As of Wednesday morning, the next date passes are available is Tuesday, Nov. 1. The next weekend date they are available is Sunday, Dec. 4. Good luck!