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Is a Twitter war brewing between Trump and Maureen Dowd?

Maureen Dowd in Chicago in 2004. (Brian Kersey/AP)

Donald Trump’s Twitter account runs on grudges. Just this weekend, he used it to criticize former defense secretary Robert Gates, CNN, the New York Times and a new figure on his long list of enemies: Times columnist Maureen Dowd.

Dowd managed to run afoul of Trump on Saturday as she promoted her new book on the election. The New York Times scribe has confronted him, she told CNN, for hypocritically criticizing Bill Clinton’s marital infidelity and for inciting violence at his rallies. “He disagreed and said he thought the violence added a frisson of excitement,” Dowd said.

Trump’s response was swift. He took to Twitter to go after Dowd, calling her a “neurotic dope”:

Dowd doesn’t use Twitter much, but this weekend was an exception. That’s because a reporter for Vice News who used to be Dowd’s researcher was arrested outside a Trump event in Houston just hours after Trump’s tweets. The reporter, Alex Thompson, was charged with criminal trespassing and released on bond. (Read more about the saga at Vice.)

Trump’s campaign released a statement saying it was not involved in or aware of the arrest. But judging by Dowd’s Twitter feed, she’s not completely buying it:

Trump has not responded to Dowd yet. We will keep you posted.

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