White House chief of staff Denis McDonough invited President-elect Donald Trump’s incoming chief of staff Reince Priebus to have lunch with him and former chiefs of staff Friday.

A White House official said the gathering is part of President Obama’s “directive for a smooth transition to the next administration” and likened the lunch to one hosted in 2008 by then White House chief of staff Josh Bolten for Rahm Emanuel, as he prepared to lead Obama’s White House staff.

The lunch included former chiefs of staff Jack Lew, Bill Daley, Pete Rouse, Emanuel, Bolten, Andy Card, John Podesta, Samuel Skinner, Ken Duberstein and Jack Watson.

Priebus sat between Skinner, who served in the George H.W. Bush White House, and Emanuel. Across the table from Priebus were McDonough and Podesta, who was chief of staff in Bill Clinton’s White House and recently chaired Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, according to the reporters’ pool report.

“Thank you for having me. It’s great,” Priebus said before the pool was escorted from the room.