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Ivanka Trump goes to the Supreme Court

Ivanka Trump and her daughter Arabella Kushner walk down the steps of the Supreme Court in Washington, Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017. (Molly Riley/AP)

Her father could not find time before his inauguration, but Ivanka Trump paid a visit to the Supreme Court Wednesday.

Trump, who seems to be everywhere in Washington these days, sat in the front row of the section usually filled with guests of the justices with her daughter Arabella, according to the court’s public information office.

She met Justice Anthony M. Kennedy at the luncheon after President Trump’s inauguration, and he invited her to visit.

Ivanka Trump heard the justices announce three rulings, and then hold an hour-long oral argument in a case called Kindred Nursing Centers v. Clark.

While she had a good seat, it cannot be said she pulled strings to get into a highly charged and popular argument. The court was reviewing a decision of the Kentucky Supreme Court involving preemption of state rules  which do not place “arbitration contracts on an equal footing with all other contracts.”

She stuck it out.