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U.S. Senate candidate uses image of China to attack construction in D.C.

Businessman and philanthropist Jeff Bartos has entered the 2018 race against Sen. Robert P. Casey Jr. (D-Pa.), one of 10 Democrats seeking reelection in a state President Trump won last year. Bartos’s introduction video hits on a theme several Trump-era Republicans have embraced — that “Washington is booming” as political insiders take care of themselves.

The problem: Bartos’s campaign has mixed up Washington with a city in China.

In the video, as Bartos says there are “construction cranes everywhere” in Washington, there’s a jarring, sweeping image of girders going up in a city much larger than Washington. On Getty Images, it’s labeled “aerial view of construction, shoot by drone,” and supplemental information makes clear that the picture is from the city of Hangzhou, with more than 11 times the population of Washington — and with no height limit.

An email to Bartos’s campaign went unanswered.