CNN’s town hall forum with House Speaker Paul D. Ryan, at some risk of being overshadowed by the president’s speech on Afghanistan, has turned into a marketing opportunity for progressives. Randy Bryce, Ryan’s likely Democratic opponent in 2018, has purchased time for two 30-second spots that will run during the broadcast in the Republican’s district.

The first spot is designed like the sort of question-from-voters videos that are often used at town halls. Bryce fires off three questions, starting with one on the Congressional Budget Office’s coverage estimates for the American Health Care Act.

Bryce then says: “Donald Trump is clearly a racist. When will you censure him in Congress?”

The second ad starts — as Democrats expect many 2018 ads to start — with footage from the Rose Garden celebration of the AHCA’s passage.

And on the ground outside the town hall venue, progressive groups such as the Working Families Party and Ultraviolet were working to make as much noise as possible.