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Sponsors see a two-year probationary period as more time for new employees to prove themselves, opponents focus on lack of job protections.

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After tweeting that he expected no deals with the Democrats, the president sat between two empty seats in the afternoon.

Republican leaders acknowledged Tuesday that they will need Democratic support to avoid a shutdown.

One of President Trump's most strident critics is set to step down, after serving since 1993.

Vulnerable Democrats are feeling very little pressure to back the GOP’s ever-morphing, broadly unpopular legislation.

The scuffle took place moments before one of the aides got on stage to introduce Roy Moore.

Some employee organizations are asking for a larger federal employee raise in January that matches the planned increase for military personnel.

Tuesday’s discussions could edge the government closer to a year-end bipartisan fiscal deal — or a federal shutdown.

Moore and his Democratic rival for the Senate are targeting female voters in the suburbs, who could decide the race.

In Texas, observers are split on whether Rep. Joe Barton's career can survive the dissemination of a nude photo.

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