Question: Am I the only millennial working for the government? Exaggerating, but sometimes it sure seems that way.

Answer: The federal workforce is indeed top-heavy in age. That’s partly because much of the work requires extensive experience, but it does raise questions about whether Uncle Sam readily keeps up with the times and whether there’s enough of a pipeline to take over as older employees move up or retire.

The Partnership for Public Service, a nonprofit that promotes more-effective government, recently found that while those under age 30 constitute 24 percent of the nationwide workforce, they represent only 6 percent of executive branch workers in a commonly used count. Despite the concerns, that figure has actually dropped by one percentage point since 2013 and by three points since 2010.

Max Stier, the nonprofit’s president and CEO, said that is “ominous evidence that our government doesn’t have the generational diversity necessary to deliver best results in today’s data- and technology-driven environment.”

“The government’s inability to attract the younger generation has been hampered by disengaged leadership, a slow and arcane hiring process, a general preference for prior experience over high-potential capability, poor recruiting practices and a continued hiring freeze at many agencies,” he said in an email.