The Government Accountability Office has started feeding one fact a day into Twitter, morsels that it says may otherwise go unobserved within the vast amount of information it serves up.

The auditing agency annually produces 700 to 1,000 legal decisions, reports and testimonies on federal agency spending and performance, ranging from a handful of pages to hundreds.

“A lot of time and attention to detail goes into every one of GAO’s non-partisan, fact-based reports,” the agency said in announcing its new feature on Twitter. “As a result, there may be a lot of interesting nuggets buried in each PDF, on page 10, 100, or even 300. We’d like to free those facts.”

Each tweet will contain a reference to the complete report.

The initial fact of the day, sent out Monday: “Over 65% of households in the U.S. relied solely or mostly on wireless phones to make and receive phone calls as of 2016.” That’s from a January report whose title is almost as long: “FCC Should Improve Monitoring of Industry Efforts to Strengthen Wireless Network Resiliency.”

“By sharing facts from GAO’s work, which transcends the entire breadth of the federal government, I’m hopeful that this initiative will help the public appreciate the knowledge GAO has developed in helping Congress oversee federal spending and performance,” Comptroller General Gene L. Dodaro, the head of the GAO, said in a statement.