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The Michigan lawmaker faced constituents at a town hall meeting in his district.

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‘Welcome to 1935,’ Rep. Dean Phillips’s brother told him when he arrived at the Capitol to take the oath of office, in a nod to elements of the institution that remain unchanged.

Lawmakers appear poised to continue an eight-year trend, lurching from deadline to deadline, crisis to crisis, unable to tackle looming policy issues.

The House speaker appeared with two fellow Democrats at a discussion on college affordability and debt relief from student loans.

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“It’s very difficult to unring a bell,” Rep. Anna G. Eshoo said as some of the House’s younger lawmakers clamor to begin proceedings against the president.

A memo seeks to quiet doubts about a second Senate run for James, including whispers that a statewide campaign could actually imperil Trump’s reelection chances.

The no-show of former White House counsel Donald McGahn and the ongoing defiance of the administration have increased calls for starting impeachment proceedings.

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Lawmakers are letting the race sort itself out before backing a candidate for 2020, though several from Iowa, South Carolina and other early nominating states are being courted.

The investigation reached no ‘conclusive determinations’ on whether the Republican lawmaker or most other coaches at the school decades ago knew of misconduct by a school doctor.

Top Republicans called on Democrats to pass a bill opposing the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. Democrats argue the GOP is engaging in political gamesmanship.

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