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Pelosi is under pressure to keep the probe narrow.

Issa represented a neighboring San Diego-area House district for 18 years before retiring in January. Hunter is being prosecuted for misuse of campaign funds.

Dozens of House Democrats have stopped short of endorsing the impeachment inquiry, fearing it could improve Trump’s chances of reelection and imperil their own.

Several Republicans were stunned by the revelations in the rough transcript the White House released Wednesday and questioned the decision to make it public.

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Moderate lawmakers with national security credentials argued that Trump’s actions were a clear violation of norms.

Unanswered in the speaker’s announcement: How sweeping will the investigation be? How long will it last? Will it help Congress battle the president in the courts?

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An analysis by Third Way of all 235 districts held by Democrats identified the high-value political targets for the party — for the presidency and control of the House and Senate.

Pelosi criticized Trump officials for “sitting across from the person who chopped up a reporter,” a clear reference to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Sen. Robert Menendez, the ranking Democrat, said the FBI report raised “serious issues that go to credibility and suitability for these positions.”

The senator from Texas said he likes Trump’s former campaign manager but threw his support behind former New Hampshire House speaker Bill O’Brien.

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