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The newest members of the House Intelligence Committee have found a way to have an impact even as panel leaders and attorneys dominate the questioning.

As the most senior member on the Oversight panel, Maloney got a boost from key sectors of the Democratic caucus who prize the seniority system.

The attacks have done little to undermine the core allegations under investigation, but they have kept the GOP united as the party casts the probe as a partisan witch hunt.

The New York lawmaker, 35, has been mainly known for her centrist policy views and her efforts to elect Republican women. Now she is on the vanguard of the GOP’s impeachment defense.

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The Tar Heel State’s GOP was riding high two years ago, then suffered a reversal of fortune as Democrats won the House majority in 2018 and courts ruled districts were unconstitutional.

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Democrats saw William B. Taylor Jr. and George Kent as the witnesses to lay the foundation for their case to impeach the president.

The two parties signaled how they planned to present radically different interpretations of the president’s actions and whether they were impeachable.

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So far Republicans have tilted toward arguing about process, but they keep getting pulled back toward fighting about the facts, particularly whenever Trump chimes in.

His decision immediately put his Long Island seat near the top of Democratic target lists at a time when suburban voters continue to trend away from Republicans.

The former chairman of the Homeland Security Committee becomes the 20th House Republican to decline to seek reelection in 2020.

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