An investigation by the Commerce Department watchdog found that the former chief of staff at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office abused his position, charging taxpayers for at least 130 cab rides totaling more than $4,000.

The call to step aside comes as the House Judiciary Committee is looking for a second special counsel to run a parallel probe into matters more closely related to Clinton.

The superintendent of the park was pulled from a delegation with the Facebook CEO, who was there to learn about climate change.

The former consultant wants the transcript of his closed-door interview released, after a panel member suggested that he might have lied.

Three days before the tech leader's July 15 visit to Glacier, research ecologist Daniel Fagre said he was told that his scheduled tour with Zuckerberg was off.

House leaders' call for a last-minute addition of North Korea sanctions to a Senate-approved Russia-Iran bill could end up delaying the package indefinitely.

"There is very serious reason to believe that these people violated the law,” the house minority leader says of Trump's son, son-in-law and former campaign manager.

Also: The latest on Michael Flynn, shutdown watch, tax breaks and offshore drilling.

Tax reform was the centerpiece of his busy 97th day in office,

Wednesday is Day 97 of the Trump administration. Ties to Russia have come up again, and a new health-care bill emerges.

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