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  • Perspective

American Foreign Service Association President Barbara Stephenson is cautioning against “mounting threats to our institution.

The inspector general for the Treasury Department found that chief of staff Eli Miller and a hedge fund billionaire who offered him a ride on his private jet were friends and did not discuss business.

The White House has sent the portraits to the Government Publishing Office for distribution. For nine months, walls with empty picture hooks have waited for an official picture.

  • Perspective

"There is a great deal of fear among whistleblowers."

  • Perspective

Readers weigh in on sexual misconduct in the government.

Federal agencies deal with under-performers in many other ways, including by helping them improve, says the agency that hears disciplinary appeals.

Employees remain most positive about the value of their work, most negative about rewards for good performance.

The Senate has already voted to require agencies to discipline officials who retaliate against employees, including mandatory firing for a second offense.

  • Perspective

Zinke’s comments have left his staff at the Interior Department dismayed, on edge and offended.

The HHS secretary has been under fire for using public money to pay for expensive private flights.

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