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As GOP lawmakers prepare to pass tax plans that expand the deficit, the trio blasts “a broken budget process” that could upend military planning.

Democrats said they planned to focus on four key tax-reform topics: tax cuts for the wealthy, tax increases for the middle class, reductions to Medicare and Medicaid spending and increases to the budget deficit.

The meeting will come as the president tries to gain support for a tax cut plan.

A growing number of senators want a health-care measure attached to the 2018 budget bill, threatening not only its passage, but also the chances for a tax overhaul.

  • Perspective

After 30 years at the Environmental Protection Agency, Elizabeth "Betsy" Southerland resigned, saying that "the administration is seriously weakening EPA’s mission."

  • Review

A letter from 18 Senate Democrats to Senate leaders says the president's budget proposal to cut federal employee retirement benefits would “significantly harm” staffers and hurt government recruitment.

  • Perspective

The House Budget Committee approved a spending plan that would save the government $163.5 billion over 10 years by taking that amount from federal employees.

The House budget proposal released Tuesday continues Republican efforts to cut federal employees' compensation by making them pay more for retirement benefits.

  • Perspective

Rep. Rob Bishop's stance has brought praise from employee organization leaders who generally rate the Utah congressman low.

Congress asked to raise payments to encourage federal employees to resign or retire to $40,000 government-wide.

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