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Their effort came not long before members of the Transgender American Veterans Association held a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery.

The biggest stumbling block to writing a new resolution to govern the ongoing war on terrorist groups has been resolved, two key senators say.

Paul's spokesman demanded that a fellow congressional Republican apologize for making light of an assault on the senator.

As GOP lawmakers prepare to pass tax plans that expand the deficit, the trio blasts “a broken budget process” that could upend military planning.

The amendments were sent to the floor by the House Rules Committee this week. The defense bill, which authorizes up to $696 billion in 2018 military spending, is expected to come to a final vote Friday.

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The GAO has come up with billions in savings for federal programs over seven years.

For Montenegro's bid to be approved, all NATO members have to back the entry of the tiny Balkan nation.

Iranian Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s has repeatedly warned that expanding sanctions against Iran would jeopardize the nuclear deal.

Grassley has been waiting for weeks for a Russia briefing from the FBI director — and he's willing to hold Rod Rosenstein's confirmation vote hostage to get it

The committee leaders said they would probe potential collusion between Russia and campaign officials, as well as the source of leaks.

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