Sen. Bill Dix (R), the married majority leader of the state Senate, appeared to be kissing a female lobbyist.

Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada was one of few Republicans to come out against an earlier version of the GOP's health-care bill.

'Draining the swamp' is harder than it sounds. Here's how it can be done, according to ethics experts.

for Trump, the issue is of increased importance because of the promises he made on the campaign trail and the anti-establishment wave he rode to victory.

Suzanne Clark takes over the top lobbying job at a time when the business lobby in Washington, once a dominant force with congressional Republicans, is struggling to fend off the conservative tea party wing of the GOP.

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Sheldon Whitehouse take aim at Donald Trump's inclusion of lobbyists and industry executives on his transition team.

In the long term, and in subtle ways, many lobbyists also see the Trump populist phenomenon reshaping their industry as well.

Every election season, lobbyists spend weeks analyzing the possible outcomes of House and Senate elections, zeroing in on the handful of lawmakers who are expected to make moves on key congressional committees.

Many K Street leaders view social media and digital advocacy, not traditional lobbying, as the fastest-growing segments of the influence industry.

The government of Saudi Arabia has added a familiar name to its bench of lobbyists as it ramps up pressure on Congress to revise the 9/11 bill.

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