Massachusetts senator touts her anti-corruption bill, which would regulate lobbyists, ban stock ownership by members of Congress and release candidate tax returns.

Michigan State Rep. Bettie Cook Scott apologized for “disparaging remarks” that she made against Asian American opponent, State Rep. Stephanie Chang.

The Minnesota Democrat ran 30 points past his closest rival in the Democratic primary for attorney general.

She disagreed with the New York City politician and wouldn't let it go, which he called another case of officers summoned to deal with a black person for a noncriminal act.

At least two Kansas counties have reported discrepancies between their tallies and what the secretary of state's office recorded.

Ethan Sonneborn, 14, is officially a Democratic candidate for Vermont's highest office. Here's how he got there.

The head of the country's largest labor union likes some Trump tariff moves but parts company with the president over policies for workers.

The GOP gubernatorial hopeful touts his love for Trump in a new campaign ad.

Abdul El-Sayed, whose campaign is led by veterans of Sanders's presidential bid, has positioned himself as the next breakout star of this year's Democratic primaries — even as he trails far behind in polls.

St. Paul police said David Martinez posted a topless photo of his wife after he was served with a restraining order.

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