World's most accurate pie chart. World’s most accurate, and delicious, pie chart.

Welcome to Rampage, the blog complement to my twice-weekly opinion column. Here you’ll find shorter (and typically more chartastic) takes on economic, policy and cultural issues.

Before coming to the Post, I covered economics for the New York Times. But “economics” is an imperialistic discipline, one that likes to stick its nose into everybody else’s business. If anything, it’s more a lens for looking at the world than a neatly contained content area. It teaches you how to think — about alternative explanations, opportunity costs, causality and ways to test your own assumptions. Which is why you can expect to see me opining on everything from grade inflation to mental illness to reality TV to gender roles, often under the guise of “economics.” I like to do a lot of reporting and spreadsheet monkeying, so you can also expect me to rely more on data and less on dogma than your average pundit does.

As an aside, I also moonlighted as a theater critic for the Times, and will find excuses to continue writing about arts and culture from the new perch. So please forgive the occasional Sutton Foster reference.

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