Over at TaxVox, Len Burman has put together a useful table showing how the Republican presidential candidates’ proposed tax cuts stack up against previous presidents’ actually enacted tax cuts.

GOP Proposed Tax Cuts in Historical Perspective, as Percent of Gross Domestic Product 

Proposed Cuts (2016-2026)    Historical Tax Cuts
Bush Cruz Rubio Trump JFK (1964) Reagan
-2.6 -3.6 -2.6 -4.0 -1.6 -2.1 -1.4

Sources:  Tax Policy Center, U.S. Treasury and Len Burman’s calculations.

Note:  JFK cut is the effect the year after enactment; the Reagan and Bush tax cuts are the average total cumulative effect of all laws on tax/GDP from 1982 to 1985 and from 2002 to 2005, respectively.

Takeaway: These candidates’ tax cuts are so yuuuge they’d be unprecedented. They out-Reagan even Ronald Reagan, with Donald Trump’s proposed tax cut amounting to about twice the size of the Gipper’s.

And, of course, as Burman notes, federal debt is a much larger share of gross domestic product today than it was when those historical tax cuts were enacted.

What was that about fiscal responsibility?