Update: I’ve been adding more items to this list as readers send them in. Please keep your suggestions (and any supporting documentation/video/links) coming.

A running list of excuses for Donald Trump’s “grab them by the p—y” comments:

-it’s Bill Clinton’s fault
-it’s hip-hop’s fault
-it’s rap music’s fault
-it’s Beyoncé’s fault
-it’s Hollywood’s fault
-it’s “Fifty Shades of Grey”’s fault
-it’s “Magic Mike”’s fault, or maybe “Twilight”’s fault
-it’s the Jews’ fault
-it’s all normal men’s fault
-it’s still Bill Clinton’s fault
-it’s Barack Obama’s fault
-it’s Democrats’ fault
-it’s Paul Ryan’s/establishment Republicans’ fault
-it’s King David’s fault
-it’s locker room banter
-he said it in an actual locker room (he didn’t)
-it wasn’t really Trump on the tape (it was)
-it was “more than a decade ago“/11 years ago
-vulgar talk about assaulting women is much too rare, so we’re not used to it
-Trump has an “alpha personality
-grabbing women by their genitals without their consent is not sexual assault
-it is sexual assault, but Trump was probably lying about doing it
-ladies out there, this is what guys talk about when you’re not around
-it’s machismo’s fault
-it’s bad boys’ fault
-Trump was “marinated” in “pop music and a sex-crazed culture”
-it’s better to have a president who grabs female genitalia than a president who has female genitalia
-Trump was peer-pressured and “egged on” into “boy talk” by Billy Bush
ISIS is worse

Others I missed?