Editors note: This is the first of a new feature, in which we publish reader-submitted photos from games around the area. Do you have a great camera, and eye for a good photo and an interest in seeing your photos published here? E-mail matt.mcfarland@washpost.com. We start off with photos by Israel Carunungan from the opening day of softball season in Howard County as River Hill hosted Long Reach.

Long Reach freshman Isa Carunungan lays down a bunt. River Hill won the game 10-0.

Long Reach players Meghan Loughry, left, Andrea Padilla, center, and Abby Bakunas, right, do their best to keep warm in the dugout amid frigid temperatures.



Long Reach senior Noelle Colligan prepares to field a ground ball while River Hill junior Courtney Doyle takes off towards second base.

Long Reach freshman pitcher Isa Carunungan battled the cold along with the opposing lineup.

River Hill sophomore Kristy Selby pitches a three-hit shutout.

River Hill junior Courtney Doyle scores against Long Reach.

River Hill Senior Megan Sterling is all smiles as the Hawks got off to a strong start to the 2013 season.

River Hill Coach Marnie Rosenbaum tries to keep warm as frigid weather marred opening day.