A rock outside McLean High School is painted in remembrance of two local seniors who committed suicide last week. (Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Each of the eight goals the No. 4 Langley hockey team scored Tuesday against Madison had added weight, and worth. The Saxons set up the Scoring for Hope fundraiser on Monday after the Langley community lost two seniors in two days to apparently unrelated suicides last week. The campaign will raise funds either in the form of a flat donation or a pledge for a set amount for each goal scored by the Saxons.

Many of the players were friends with the students, and planning this campaign gives them a way to cope with the loss, Coach Grady Little said.

“They kept asking what they could have done, and unfortunately, there is really no answer,” Little said. “They all wanted to help somebody else, and hopefully they can prevent someone else from going through this situation.”

The fundraiser is set up through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and raised $575 as of Wednesday evening. The Saxons will play Briar Woods next week before playoffs begin Friday.

Captain Drew Schneider got the approval of the Langley activities club to hang signs supporting the campaign around the school, and the team is considering other methods of raising awareness, including a telethon, to get to its goal of $5,000 by Feb. 28.

“They all want to go out there and dedicate the rest of the season to their friends,” Little said. “It’s a long process but it’s something that we can do to help our players move forward and maybe help others that are in a situation that they don’t think they can get their way out of.”