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The Warriors remained undefeated after come-from-behind victory over the Lions in the Maryland 4A North region semifinal. Photos by Jenn Carney.

Nicole Stockinger celebrates a diving catch by Amanda Berkley and the last out of the game for Sherwood.

Warriors pinch runner Hanna Nalls takes a big lead off of first base on the pitch.

Taylor McGrann cheers the next Howard batter on after hitting a stand up double.

Kayli Paugh focuses before her pitch for the Lions.

Sherwood’s senior catcher Rae Harrison smiles as she takes a sign from her coach.

Sherwood’s senior pitcher/catcher duo Meggie Dejter and Rae Harrison in their pre-inning handshake.

Julie Swarr and Nicole Stockinger score for Sherwood as Howard’s Alli Jakubek directs her outfield to throw in to second.

Howard’s coach Chuck Rice meets with his infield during a timeout.

Warrior senior Addie Armbruster connects and starts a rally for Sherwood.

The Lion’s Alli Jakubek catches a clean game ball tossed to her by the umpire.

Howard’s Berit Batterton fields a hard hit grounder and throws the Sherwood runner out at first.

McKenzie Bina makes a tag at third for the Warriors.