Saturday, Good Counsel Coach Bob Milloy has a chance to make (more) history. If his top-ranked Falcons beat No. 7 DeMatha, it will be Milloy’s fifth Washington Catholic Athletic Conference title, his fifth in six years. If slight favorite Good Counsel lives up to that billing, it will mark Milloy’s 393rd win as a high school head coach in Maryland, according to Maryland Football Reference. No other active coach could even mathematically reach 300 wins for four seasons. Only two have done it all time.

Milloy came to Good Counsel in 2001 after a prolific career in Montgomery County. He won eight state titles over his 30-year Montgomery County tenure, years spent with Whitman, Springbrook, and Sherwood.

Thirty-five years ago this weekend, Milloy won his first title as a head coach when he led Springbrook to a 29-14 win over Randallstown in the Maryland AA state championship game. All-Met quarterback John Neville accounted for four touchdowns in the win, which capped a perfect season for the Blue Devils.


The span of Milloy’s title-winning career can be felt in the sports pages around the article about Springbrook’s win. The picture above featured on the front page of the Post sports section that day, along with a story about Maryland’s season-ending 17-7 win over Virginia. The Terrapins quarterback in that game was one Mike Tice, former NFL player and head coach, and current offensive line coach with the Falcons.

Another story on the front page that day had the Redskins readying for a game against the Giants, led by Joe Theisman. The headline was “Redskins Hunt 9th Win.” The Redskins have won six games in two years.

More chronological indicators could be found on the pages that day: the Bullets were still the Bullets — and would be for years. The Capitals were losing, eight straight by that day. Sugar Ray Leonard was prepping for a bout. There was an entire page dedicated to horse racing…

Perhaps most tellingly, one can see clearly in the picture accompanying the story that Springbrook — whose colors are now navy and Carolina blue — used to wear only black and white. The state title game was a rather puritanical one that year, as Randallstown wore only black and white, too.

…Okay, that was a joke. But in the contrast between those grainy photos and the sharp, gleaming pictures taken of the Falcons’ Under Armour uniforms, you can see just how long Milloy has been at it. His Falcons play DeMatha Saturday at 2 p.m. at Byrd Stadium at the University of Maryland.

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