Friendship Collegiate’s 2016 football season was historic. The Knights went undefeated in 10 games against local opponents. Their defense allowed 4.8 points per game over those 10, including four shutouts, three of them in a row to end their season.

In the DCSAA championship game, a 13-0 win, Friendship held rival H.D. Woodson scoreless for the first time in three years.

Now the Knights have their championship rings to celebrate their city title. Coach Mike Hunter distributed them in school this week. He and senior running back Vincent Abney shared some photos with the Post.

The ring of freshman linebacker Ahmed Bailey. (Mike Hunter/Courtesy photo)

The ring of senior running back Vincent Abney. (Vincent Abney/Courtesy photo)

The reverse side of the ring has the game’s final score along with “Beach Boyz,” one of the Knights’ self-styled nicknames. (Courtesy photo/Mike Hunter)