The bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-governor was in Washington to be honored by the Points of Light foundation.

She praised the designer who made the dress in just two weeks. Inaugural gowns, she explained, were “the last thing on my mind."

She's holding an estate sale to clear out the Hamptons mansion made famous in a cult-favorite documentary.

The congressman's appearance on the “Jim Jefferies Show” on Comedy Central, which is launching a political-interview series, explains it all.

The powerful pair were joined by two unidentified male guests, says our spy.

The pick, reported by the Hollywood Reporter, is a way more logical one than Tyler Perry as the four-star general and former secretary of state.

The set is near the site where a gunman killed three people and wounded two more.

“Her eyes begin to skitter and jump. I immediately cast around for a less sensitive topic, though I hadn’t realized that one was sensitive."

Don't order your Winfrey 2020 T-shirts just yet.

The revered guide's list didn't change much in its second year, and the city's chefs were okay with that.

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