Dina Powell's entree to Trump World started with a simple message: "Ivanka Trump is on the phone."

The “Dancing With the Stars” contestant urged kids — who had accompanied their parents to work for the day — not to drink.

The reality TV star tried on frocks for hours at Signature Boutique but left without a bag.

The actress and TV-show creator is pals with the former White House staffer.

Members of ASCAP who performed at the "We Write the Songs" event at the Library of Congress Tuesday night, made it clear their movement is really rather nonpartisan.

So the former KGBer-turned-dictator isn't headlining, but the event will honor local journalists, the comic says.

"If you can't get her to say yes because she wants to, you ain't much,” Biden said in a 30-minute speech at George Mason University.

"I would seriously look at a run,” she said at an event promoting her new book.

Samantha Bee's after-party is shaping up to be the only shindig in town with a reliable guest list of VIPs.

On Tuesday while chatting with Dr. Mehmet Oz on his self-titled talk show, Trump echoed one of dad's favorite comebacks to describe Handler's response to his baby news.

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