Starting with that powder-blue inauguration ensemble, plenty of first-lady watchers have noticed that Melania Trump’s fashion choices have seemed one pillbox hat away from copying Jackie Kennedy, perhaps the biggest style icon to occupy the White House. But fashion isn’t the only way in which Trump seems to be channeling the timeless former first lady. […]

Milestones in a political kid’s life: first steps, first campaign, first protest rally… Little Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky can check off that last box, after her mom, Chelsea Clinton, took her on Sunday to a protest of anti-Muslim discrimination. Clinton posted a pic of the interfaith event held at Times Square and captioned it on Twitter: […]

The perky TV host almost went unnoticed in casual wear and no makeup.

But if the topic sounds familiar, the timeline might not.

Here's why Trump might not spend too much time at the “rustic” presidential retreat.

This is actually news — Melania Trump had not previously talked publicly about taking on that particular portfolio.

The California Democrat attended what is known in the music biz as the most-coveted invite of all the Grammy parties.

Goldberg offered to sit next to the first daughter after some fashion editors reportedly didn't want to be near her alongside the catwalks.

"I wouldn't see any use for celebrity if I wasn't fighting rabidly for what I thought was right,” Dunham said in a Rolling Stone interview.

The HUD secretary nominee makes some housing moves of his own.

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