Kanye West and Serena Williams were also present at the elite singalong session.

The first lady is having a low-key summer as controversy roils her husband's administration.

"We want him to hear us,” Ruffalo said. “We have to fight."

The plaque has had an on-again, off-again presence in the USAID lobby.

Richie is the latest honoree to voice uncertainty about the awards under a Trump presidency.

The accounts that Trump follows offer a slightly … skewed view.

Twenty years ago the ska band the Mighty Mighty Bosstones released “Let’s Face It,” an album that today is having a renaissance in the summer of hate. The title track from the record has begun to circulate on social media and emerge as an optimistic anthem against bigotry two decades and three presidents after first […]

The younger first daughter is Washington bound.

The former president praised the young rapper for his work supporting Chicago's youth.

The heiress's horse, Luke Skywalker 46, failed routine blood and urine sampling back in January.

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