The whopping price tag makes Lee's home one of the most expensive residences for sale in the District.

"Do you want to stay, Mr. President?” host Eva Longoria asked mischievously from the stage

The Canadian model has become a viral sensation after creating “Fashion Santa" -- an elegant, modern twist on Old Saint Nick's jolly image.

The actress calls FLOTUS (or FSOTUS) an “extra gift” that comes with a president.

There's Facebook chatter among residents about delivering rainbow-hued cakes, too.

His reasons for joining the ranks of designers who won't clad the glamorous future first lady are a tad ambiguous.

"It's always about serving,” he tells TMZ.

Drama afoot.

The president is slated to meet with the other less-elusive winners of the exclusive honor in a closed-to-press confab.

Belcher, whose new book “A Black Man in the White House” is out now, regaled a crowd of about 75 with the lessons to be learned from Donald Trump's election.

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