Looks like the Obamas are back from that extended, exotic vacay.

It seems Jenner is falling off the Trump bandwagon.

Three words: "abundance of caution."

Francophiles and fashionistas toasted the opening of the sweet Parisian import behind the shop's signature green doors.

Some parties have been cancelled, and the guests may be lower-wattage, but there are still plenty of open-bar-and-mingling opportunities.

The Obama bestie was with HBO folks who worked on the upcoming flick.

"A great night at the White House,” Palin posted on her Facebook page.

Capitol File had seemed on shaky ground since 2015.

Big names like Gloria Steinem, Keegan-Michael Key and Kal Penn are on the guest list.

The former secretary of state says the top White House aide has a “daunting role flying close to the sun."

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