So the prospect of these two going on a supremely awkward first “date” is very high. And the probability of them live-tweeting the entire thing? Even higher.

This didn't come up in the judge's marathon Senate confirmation hearing last week.

The sellers originally listed the home on the private market for $10 million back in June.

"We got to do a jokey thing,” said Maslany. “But we all felt so passionately"

Power mingling and power dressing were on the menu at a VIP-packed fete.

The rumor was as resistant to fading as the perma-tan on a Palm Springs retiree — that former president Barack Obama and his family were buying a house in the tony California desert enclave for their post-White House chillaxing purposes. But the Obamas’ decorator and close pal Michael Smith has finally stuck a (tasteful and […]

Graham, the first female CEO of a Fortune 500 company, is not so much an ice queen in the script but a reluctant monarch.

"I refuse to renovate,” she tells the haters.

Four-legged Biden got a photo op (and a face-lick) with his two-legged namesake.

The rapper/actor/activist was spotted at Farmers and Distillers.

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