We talked with the prolific actor, who has partnered with the Newseum to honor its exhibit on the LGBTQ rights movement.

The "Speechless" actress had tweeted that she'd enjoyed a drink in Washington the night before without being recognized.

Matthew Charles became the first person released under the First Step Act criminal justice legislation. But obstacles to reentry persist.

The talk show host also had a candid conversation with Lewinsky about bullying and how she got past the Clinton scandal.

And Trump went to Vietnam "with Secret Service protection," CNN's Ana Cabrera said.

The actress confirmed their relationship on Thursday.

The actor known for playing "Grey's Anatomy" doc McDreamy was spotted on a campus tour with his daughter.

New official merchandise for the House speaker plays off Pelosi's status as a meme factory.

We chatted with the culture expert on the Netflix series, which returns Friday, ahead of his book talk at Sixth & I.

Lawmakers take the stand-up mic at the Washington Press Club Foundation's annual dinner.

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