The Pences' middle child shared the happy news on Instagram: "I said 'yes.' "

The rapper was arrested earlier this month after an altercation in Stockholm.

The "Father of the Bride" star spent two days meeting with lawmakers to press for foreign assistance funding.

The reality star and her husband, Kanye West, tapped some high-ranking friends to help the rapper, who has been detained in Sweden.

Human rights advocates have urged artists not to perform in the country because of its dismal human rights record.

The "Charmed" actress defended her decision to help raise money for the controversial Democratic candidate, saying Williamson is addressing the "soulful ache of the nation."

The small town mayor is raking in some cash from A-list donors.

The former scandal figure is mining what was a traumatic experience for some dark humor.

The presidential candidate and Washington governor wants Rapinoe in his administration — should he get elected.

Despite the potential of, um, awkwardness among the diplomatic core and official Washington, elbows were ripe for rubbing at the French ambassador’s residence.

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