Capitol File had seemed on shaky ground since 2015.

Big names like Gloria Steinem, Keegan-Michael Key and Kal Penn are on the guest list.

The former secretary of state says the top White House aide has a “daunting role flying close to the sun."

Since this year's White House correspondents' dinner is all about journalism, who qualifies as a VIP “get” of a guest at the black-tie affair?

Harvey got a considerable amount of flak early this year when he traveled to Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect.

The humorist can't take a social media break and doesn't ever want to.

But Rob Gronkowski was there -- and put in a cameo at a press briefing.

He'll go business-casual in khakis. But unlike previous presidents, he never sports denim.

Brzezinski purchased the home about two years before announcing her no-drama divorce from journalist Jim Hoffer in 2016.

The Kalorama couple were photographed during their extended post-White House vacation in French Polynesia aboard music mogul David Geffen's luxury yacht.

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