Kate Middleton. (Anna Gowthorpe / AP Photo)

“Thank you, I’ll take that for my d…”

Kate Middleton while accepting a gift of a teddy bear from a fan in the town of Grimsby Tuesday, reports the Telegraph — a story that went viral when the world assumed she started to say “my daughter.” The Duchess of Cambridge, who is due in July, caught herself immediately and insisted, “no, no, no, no. . . we don’t know.” And why shouldn’t we believe her when there are so many other things she more likely meant?

“I’ll take that for my darling boy, the future king of England.”

“. . . for my David, the name we have already selected for our son, the future king of England.”

“. . . for my doll collection.”

“. . . for my dungeon.”

“. . . for my dog.”

“. . . for my dog of a husband.”

“. . . for my dude.”

“. . . for my duchess scrapbook”

“. . . for my dad’s Party Pieces business.”

“. . . for my Diana shrine.”

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