We could give you all the fire-breathing highlights of Zev Chafets’s new bio of Roger Ailes, as excerpted in Vanity Fair — but why make us do all the worok? How about you try to guess which friends and enemies the pugnacious Fox News chief is describing here. Answers below.

1. “never worked a day in his life”

2. “a sore loser”

3. “our relationship isn’t about love, it’s about arithmetic”

4. “a good journalist, but I doubt if the audience really wants to see some size 42 short guy with his back to the camera”

5. “dumb as an ashtray”

6. “old, fat, and ugly”

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1. President Obama; 2. Newt Gingrich; 3. Rupert Murdoch; 4: Wolf Blitzer; 5. Joe Biden; 6. Himself.