Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

“Are you going to drop. . . a Hellfire missile on Jane Fonda?”

Sen. Rand Paul raising concerns that the government could use its drone program against campus radicals of the sort who were considered enemies of the state back in the 1960s. (Here’s video of that moment.) Yeah, kind of a dated reference, but it’s gotta be hard to come up with enough words for a good filibuster. The libertarian-Republican from Kentucky held forth for nearly 13 hours to block President Obama’s nomination of John O. Brennan as CIA chief, report Ed O’Keefe and Aaron Blake, for the first Senate filibuster in more than two years. He needed to go another three and a half hours to make the history books as one of the five longest filibusters. Al Kamen has more on filibuster history. And yes, of course, there is Rand Paul filibuster video highlight reel.