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Sergei Filin with his dancers, before the attack. (Mikhail Metzel/AP)

Who ever imagined what ego, rage and simmering violence were contained within the graceful forms of the Bolshoi Ballet? It now appears the horrific acid attack that scarred and perhaps blinded artistic director Sergei Filin was orchestrated by one of his dancers — who allegedly was furious that his ballerina girlfriend had been denied promotions by Filin, reports our Moscow colleague Kathy Lally. (He now says he only asked his associates to beat Filin up, not throw acid.) If you saw the Bolshoi’s production of “Spartacus” in Washington three years ago, that was probably your last chance to see the now-arrested star Pavel Dmitrichenko dance, reports Sarah Kaufman, who has some insight into the mad psychodrama of Russian dancers.

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