Another interesting story in The Washington Post:

“J.R. was a complex and even lovable bad boy, and part of what made him such a sensation in the American culture of the late-1970s was that he represented a scoundrel with whom we could identify, smack in the middle of an oil boom and just in time for Ronald Reagan’s rainmaking tax cuts. Slightly ahead of ‘Wall Street’s’ Gordon Gekko, J.R. promoted and reveled in greed; slightly behind the bluntness of Tony Soprano, J.R. would do almost anything to stay on top.”

Hank Stuever on the appeal of J.R. Ewing, the epic TV character who will be buried for good tonight on “Dallas” (in a redux of the classic 1980 “Who Shot J.R.” story arc) following the death of star Larry Hagman last fall.

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