Other interesting stories in The Washington Post:

George P. Bush, right, with his uncle, George W. (AP)

Republican dynasties birth their next chapters: Finally that George P. Bush we’ve all been placing bets on for the past decade or so is running for office — just Texas land commissioner, but it’s a start, you know? And Ronna Romney McDaniel (Mitt’s niece) is eying a run for Congress, reports In the Loop.

Is CPAC “Woodstock for conservatives,” as Grover Norquist brags, or “some kind of reality show,” in the disapproving words of Steve Schmidt? Palin ad Romney and Trump got invited to speak this year, but not 2016 moderate hopefuls like McDonnell or Christie, so does this thing even matter anymore? asks our colleage Karen Tumulty. (Follow all the CPAC fun at PostPolitics.)

And it’s safe to say that Scott Prouty will never bartend in Boca again. Read all about the cater-waiter who secretly taped Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” speech and is now going public. (We could have told you that video was shot by the bartender. You can see someone walk up to the camera and order a drink.)

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