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Chris Richards has a theory that Hollywood dabbling saps our great pop stars of their musical talent. Case in point: David Bowie, Madonna, Prince, Andre 3000 — and now, Justin Timberlake. His new album “dazzles at first, then quickly feels useless, like an Eiffel Tower made of toothpicks.”

Wait, didn’t you think that Michelle Shocked was more likely gay than anti-gay? StyleBlog exhumes a 1989 profile of Michelle Shocked in her lefty, crunchy days.

Awkward! A producer of “The Bible” attended a White House reception Monday, a day after the miniseries featured an Obama-lookalike playing Satan.

Clive Davis doesn’t deliver nearly as much dish as you want in his new memoir (“diplomatic prose normally reserved for internal workplace memos,” writes Jen Chaney), but dang, did he ever know how to market it. (Luring Kelly Clarkson into a social-media feud? Well played, old man, well played.)

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