Harry in Afghanistan last year. (Reuters)

Prince Harry is set to return to the U.S. on yet another mission of princely things — polo playing, veterans’ causes, lots of jolly receptions.

His May 9-15 visit will include a stint in Washington, reports the Associated Press, where he will tour Walter Reed, Arlington National Cemetery, and an exhibit on land-mine clearance, a particular cause of his late mother’s. Stops in Connecticut, Colorado, and sites of Hurricane Sandy damage are also on the itinerary.

The last time he was in Washington, in May, he accepted an honor at a black-tie Atlantic Council gathering; our colleague Monica Hesse was there to gawk (Prince Harry comes to Washington and unleashes his British royal charm). And of course, on another previous trip to the States, he got himself photographed naked at what looked like a really interesting strip-billiards party in Las Vegas. (“Probably a classic example of me being too much Army and not enough prince,” he explained later.) If you had to ask, well, no, Vegas is not on the itinerary this time.

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