Brief news from elsewhere:

Miss Upton regrets she’s unable to prom today. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)

Finally, a celebrity stands up to public-relations blackmail operation posed by random strangers issuing cute date requests on YouTube, as Kate Upton realizes she may have to wash her hair or something like that the night of that L.A. kid’s prom. (ABC News)

Don’t-ask-don’t-tell icon Lt. Dan Choi serves coffee and doughnuts to folks camped out for seats to the Supreme Court arguments on same-sex marriage. (Roll Call). . . And Rob Reiner gets the first seat, thanks to a paid line-stander. (Huffington Post)

Tilda Swinton slept again yesterday, and this time Sarah Jessica Parker watched. (People)

Please don’t click on this, it’s just not worth it. We’ll just tell you. “Kim Kardashian’s Most Shocking Wardrobe Choice Yet” turns out to be flat shoes, okay? That’s it. Nothing to see here. Don’t click. (People)

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