Also in The Washington Post:

The Congressional Research Service has come out with a report crunching the numbers on the care and upkeep of our former presidents and here’s how they rank in terms of how much they cost us last year: 1. George W. Bush;  2. Bill Clinton;  3. George H.W. Bush;  4. Jimmy Carter.

The ex-presidents with a few friends in 2011. (Margot Schulman/Points of Light Institute)

It’s not completely clear from this interesting AP story how Dubya ended up costing $1.3 million to Clinton’s $1 million — by law, they all get the same $200K pension plus $96K for a small office staff. The government also pays for some office space, travel and postage, and it sounds like Clinton’s NYC office is a little more expensive than Bush’s Dallas spread.

Oh, and this doesn’t include the cost of Secret Service protection, which comes from another pool of money and remains confidential. Read more: Report: George W. Bush has most expenses among former presidents for 2012

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