Another story in The Washington Post:

Aaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler, Finley Jacobsen, Angela Bassett and Robert Forster in “Olympus Has Fallen.” (Phil Caruso)

“I think it’s just amazing. We made this movie over a year ago. We just thought we were getting some things right.”

— Angela Bassett, who plays a first-ever female Secret Service chief in the new movie “Olympus Has Fallen,” on the life-imitates-art irony of President Obama naming a real-life first-ever female Secret Service chief, Julia Pierson, just days later. Bassett shared some more thoughts with our colleague Juliet Eilperin. All well and good, but let’s just stop the life-imitates-“Olympus” right there, can we? Before we get to the part where the Washington monument collapses?