Another story in The Washington Post:

Erik Bruner-Yang (Joseph Victor Stefanchik for The Washington Post)

It’s become a cliche to refer to hot-shot chefs as “rock stars,” but Erik Bruner-Yang of H Street’s Toki Underground really is one — or was. As guitarist for Pash, which released two albums and attracted some VIP groupies, he almost made it to the big time, reports our colleague Tim Carman, in a compelling profile of the self-taught chef-entrepreneur, 28, whose restaurant is now drawing VIP foodies like Ferran Adria, Lee Ann Wong and Neil Patrick Harris. (Maybe we’re reading between the lines, but sounds like the band had a rough breakup.) So go read Carman’s story — but come back here for video of Bruner-Yang in his rock star days: Toki Underground’s Erik Bruner-Yang sets sights on a bigger stage


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